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Domestic Customers (South Korea)


Technical College & Vocational institute
-Korea polytechnic colleges
-Institute of Korea chamber of commerce and industry

-Korea University of Technology and education
-Korea advanced institute of science and technology

Technical high school
-Seoul, Kyeong-ki, Busan, Kwang-ju… Under the Ministry of Education
-Enterprise and Laboratory
-Korea Agency for technology and standard


Overseas business (East Asia & Middle east)

- Hanyang Technical high school students about "Pneumatics/Hydraulics system" as Industry-University collaboration
- Apo Technical Highschool students about "PC-based Automatic process control"
- Anivys trains various kinds of colleges, schools, and laboratories.
- Anivys trains our own employees every summer and winter.
- For this program, all employees gain knowledge about Anivys items and promote efficiently